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Tax Minimisation

Our approach to Tax minimisation is based around you the client paying the correct amount of taxation but also the least amount of taxation. Your tax returns need to be accurate, up to-date and paid, all of that is a given.

Where we differ from other accounting firms is we approach taxation minimisation from an investment perspective.  So before we advise a client on the benefits of entering into a transaction or business we look at the taxation consequences once the investment has been made and the taxation consequences down the road when you wish to extract yourself from the investment.

So we look at three primary areas

  1. Structure
  2. Yearly deductions, reliefs and planning
  3. Cash Extraction

These 3 areas cover nearly all investment taxation scenario’s and make no mistake your business is your investment.

So make sure you’re Business goals include

  • being in the most tax efficient and risk reducing structure,
  • paying the correct but least amount of taxation yearly
  • planning for how you are going to build up cash reserves and extract these from your business in a tax efficient manner down the road
  • Add to this, Taxation planning around family succession and you’ll have a life-long tax efficient business goal to reach.

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