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Take your business to where you want to be.

We feel the key items to success for both start-ups and growing business’s are

  • You – Its all about you, your drive, your mental focus, your market focus and your commitment
  • Be organised
    Let us move you onto our online accounting system and you’ll have the worlds easiest accounting solution and a trusted advisor at your side to help you with any issues that arise now, not months after your first year end.

    I can’t over emphasise the need for start up business to spend time making sure systems,paperwork, and revenue requirements don’t create chaos in your life.

  • Have the right People. Make sure you have people who act as you do and share the same sense of drive and commitment as you do. You business success if predicated on You and the people around you.
  • Have the right information
    No surprises – Move to our online accounting system and you’ll have monthly financials at your finger tips from any location any time. It doesn’t get any better.
  • Using External Support
    By being with Denis Breen and Co you’ll have highly experienced and trusted advisors able to guide your financial and taxation minimisation issues throughout the year not after. Using our online accounting system everyone works off the one system so we can advise you about issues today. Join the many online cleints who skype us daily for face to face flexible conversations about business issues.  Always tap into people knowledge.
  • Execute – Sell –  Sell –  Sell.  – Solve Problems, Satisfy Wants and Do what is truly best for your customer.
  • Set Goals and give yourself a time-line to achieve them. Don’t drift or wander.
    • Set short term goals
    • Consider where you want your business to be in 10 years.
    • Treat your business like an investment, because it is.
    • Set as your goals, business growth and sale.
    • Ask yourself – If you were going to sell your business would you run it differently, if the answer is yes, then run it differently.